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The Inception of the Church:  The Church came into being in the early part of the 20th Century as The Liberty Gospel Ministry. By the inspiration of God, the Kingdom Message was revealed to the servant of God, even the Apostle, the Church started to bear her proper name The Church (WorldWide) Inc. a.k.a. The Kingdom Recovery Church.

The Logo - The Church Logo is The Bible superimposed on the map of the world. In the open Bible is the first finger of the right hand pointing out, and the saying: Go Ye, which are the words of the commission of the Lord to His disciples to go into every part of the world to disseminate the Message of His Kingdom (Mark 16:15), which is exactly why the Church is of the worldwide.

The Apostolic Missionary Expeditions In keeping with the aims and objectives of the great commission of Christ to reach every nook and corner of the world, the Apostle goes on missionary expeditions. While on the expeditions, he reaches some Centres where the need arises to commune with them either through encyclicals, or voice messages. Wherever he is at any given time or moment, he is within the easy reach of the entire flock of the church community. No Centre is at a loss anytime, anywhere because of Apostle’s Missionary journeys. More so, there are several ministers available to stand in the gap whenever the Apostle goes on mission.

The New Auditorium Over a long expanse of time, the Headquarters of the Church had been No. 13 Ateboh Close, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos State, but by November, 2012, by divine revelation of what the Headquarters should be and look like, being imbued with uncommon house building artifice, a church land located and lying fallow over the years at No 11 of the same Ateboh Close was put into use. A building was raised up there and merged with the one that had existed at No. 13 to become a gigantic ultra modern edifice. The building is equipped with modern gadgets of international standard, such as the illumination system, air condition system, information system, sitting arrangements ultra modern choir equipments, all the floors are tiled, and the stair cases from the ground to the second floor are equally tiled with befitting fanciful iron railings. The lighting system does not only illuminate the auditorium, but at the pulpit zone give rainbow colours that add to the beautification.

Consecrated Stickers Superimposed By The Word Of God The miracles, science and wonders of God through His servant are not only evidenced through his spoken words of prayers, or pronouncements, books and other media of communication, but as well through Stickers on which the following words of God are inscribed: 1. Happy Protection. Any Time 2. Jesus Christ Will Do It. 3. My God Is A Defender. 4. My God Has Conquered For Me 5. My God Is A Protector. 6. My God Is My Hero. 7. My God Is Love. 8. My God Is My Healer. 9. My God Is My Peace. 10. My God Has Saved Me. 11. My Womb Is Blessed 12. My God Is A Total Deliverer 13. The Eye Of The Lord Is On This House 14. Now I Have Received Jesus What Must I Do Next? Testimonies Many have testified that in their various times, periods, places and cases of emergency or sickness that they placed the photograph of the Apostle on either the stickers or books the sicknesses, emergencies or problems vanished. Testimonies of dead persons coming up alive on the application of such materials abound.

The Apostle, Dr. Edmund Ikejiuno Anyahamiwe: Since the world was created by God, He has always appointed His ambassadors in various categories some plenipotentiary and extraordinary in conformity with His injunction in Genesis chapter 1, verse 28 “subdue and dominate” and so it is that His servant the Dr. Edmund Anyahamiwe whom He appointed as the Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ is the pioneer of the Church (WorldWide) Inc. Through whom He performs the many miracles, signs and wonders, as evidenced in the various testimonies of various persons who have received touches of anointing, either in fellowships, through telephone calls and prayers, or through close contacts with any of the materials mentioned above.


Any denomination or individuals who know that God’s Spirit has called them to preach are free to apply to join us, and be willing to follow the doctrine of Christ and His footsteps. Such ones are free to come under the same title umbrella and bear same name. The franchise conditional liberties are very amicable to call, you are free to consult. The great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ “Go Ye” unto the entire world is our Motto. The Church (World Wide) Inc. is a good title to move the gospel forward.