Blessed are they that know the joyful sound; says the word of God (Psalm 89:15). The Kingdom Recovery Church of the Church (World Wide) Incorporated invites every individual and families around the world to join us in Christ to thank the Lord, because He has remembered you to shine in the light of your destiny. Open up your heart and fully let in the true Spirit (Jesus Christ) into your being and be transformed by the Holy Ghost and become a saint of the Lord.

The Kingdom Recovery Church, is divinely instructed to take The Church into the International regions of the earth, for the good news of the Kingdom values. The Kingdom Church has been that dream you have been wishing God to get you right into the true way. We that have found it are so grateful to God, for the last days of this earth are what you are already seeing. All the political turmoil, wars, and devastating natural disasters must take place before the final end comes, but no one knows the day.  Definitely, signs of the end are truly manifesting as the Lord has said. Note and be aware also that nothing shall fail of anything the Lord has said in His word. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His word shall abide forever. The only safest thing to do is to genuinely turn to the Lord with your whole heart and totally surrender to Him.  The benefits of the Kingdom will begin and continue to shower upon you, your family and all that you do. Be advised that you must first of all seek to get connected to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, forgiveness and cleansing of every sin you had committed; and every other thing shall be added to you as inheritance/heritage. Come and seek to become a full part of the Kingdom Church.

The benefit in the Kingdom church is the whole truth of God in Christ that will totally set you free from Satan, demons, diseases, sicknesses and every power of darkness. There is no evil spirit Jesus cannot cast out permanently, there is no disease Jesus cannot cure permanently, there is no sickness Jesus cannot heal permanently. In every generation, the Lord raises up particular persons and also a Spirit-let umpire to project the revelation of the gospel on earth. It is widely accepted that the Kingdom Church is set up by the Lord for general supernatural Recovery for you at this age. Please take a bold step to register and join now and prove the Lord today.

You have nothing to lose and nothing to fear or regret. Jesus is Lord; even in the grave, death could not hold Him captive. Please note that the political stories about Nigeria are entirely different and distant issues from the holy nation of God on earth. The Kingdom Church is a holy nation of God with its International global Headquarters in Lagos Nigeria. This Church came from heaven to Jerusalem and it is spreading and preparing for the return of Christ the Messiah. Please get connected to the Kingdom purpose today.