message - Gathering In The Body



Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent by His Father into the world, for the mission of gathering the children of God who are scattered abroad.


JOHN 11 vs 52
                "And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.


Abroad means outside, that is, streets and lanes. A high percentage of the called-out servants and people of God are probably on the way side. They call salvation "a personal thing". They mind so much of themselves and their ministries. No, this cannot continue if we must be gathered into one Body.


We say "no" once again, that salvation is not personal. Salvation is rather sacrificial. The apostles of Jesus Christ sacrificed their lives to bring us the gospel of Christ in one Body. Besides several tortures and constant imprisonments, they suffered to project the gospel of one Body. At this time, they ended up giving their lives as martyrs for Christ and for our sakes.

If salvation was personal as competitively practised today, they would have loved their lives and preserved them. The servants and people of God are scattered outside, or abroad, and it shall take only the challenge of the violence of faith, as Jesus veterans, to compel them to the inside from the outside.

Jesus says that whosoever shall keep or save his life shall loose it (matt. 16:24-25). All who know themselves to be the genuine servants of God should boldly take their position in the word of God as valiant soldiers of Christ. The Lord has already commanded us saying, "...compel them to come in".
St Luke ch. 14 vs 16-24.


There is a promised great supper awaiting in the Body of Christ for them that shall strive to enter.
Who are they? is the question...It could be you.


Luke 13:24
             "strive to enter in at the strait - difficult - narrow - disrespectful-gate: for many, I say to you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.


If we seek we shall find. If we knock it shall be opened. This great feast or supper is the joy and the love of oneness in the healthy Body of Christ. This is the feast of the unleavened bread, which is not carnal or physical, but spiritual. The unleavened bread of the New Testament is the glorious Body of Christ not baked by man's hand, but God. many who have not the spiritual eyes to see it find it hard to come in. That is why He used the word "strait". He confirmed that many shall seek to enter, but shall definitely not be able.


He says, "I am the door, by me if any man enters in, he shall be saved..." (John 10:9). "If any body enters into me" He said. Himself is His body just as we wear our human bodies about. He also said, "... no man can come to my father except by me" (John 14:6).
The conference of the saints fellowship of God, is to point all to Christ, who is the Head of His Body. It is the body of the "fellowship of mystery" which Apostle Paul was ordained to make all men see by revelation (Eph. 3:9). Unto us is given to know the mystries of the Kingdom of heaven (Matt. 13 vs 11).


Outward ecumenism remains bound with blindness towards the divine unleavened bread. Those that will worship the Father is seeking for such to worship Him. As we seek Him, He also seeks to find the true spiritual worship in us. The Bread of today's unleavened feast is the immortal Body of Christ. Though we eat man-made, baked bread as the body of Christ, but for these tens of centuries, it has never gathered us together in the same one purpose of the divine Body of Christ Jesus.

It is a spiritual food. We eat this food by belief from our hearts. It is a spiritual agreement between our spirits and the Spirit of God. He feeds our spirits to the full through the gospel of immortality. Being full, we outgrow our ignorance.