message - WHAT IS SIN?

 It has always been an overwhelming question to so many people to analyse what SIN is. There should have been no more faults and failure from mankind, if whole understanding was in place. 

Let's look on diagnose into brief analysis of sin according to the illustration below:
1. S - for - Satan
2. I  - for - Incarnate - ing
3. N - for - Nature
4.      =     SIN

The whole troubles of this life stands upon the frame of Sin. By Sin came every sickness, disease, poverty, madness, accidents, fears, failures, deaths, sufferings, enmity, hatred, wars, stealing, murders, kidnapping, idolatry, rituals, confusion, divisions, envy, jealousy, fighting, pride, arrogance, offences, sorrows, reproaches, mockery, jesting, imprisonment, accusation, bribery, crimes, back-biting and many more.

God had made a great provision for man to enjoy an uncommon privilege of total peace on earth if not for damages caused by Sin. Now Christ has been dispatched from God as a gift parcel to restore you from the powers of darkness to God. 

Sin is a reproach to any people. Sin is a killer, Sin is Satan's nature, Sin is corruption to our spirit, soul and body. Sin defiles the innocent heart. Sin is the boldness of Satan.

The wages Sin pays is separation from God forever "which is the second death; that is "death after death". 
The best knowledge of man explains or describes Sin as an act of breaking a divine or moral law: especially if it is wilful or deliberate: and at times a serious offence committed by ignorance. Sin therefore, is disobedience!

It is Sin that divided the celestial Kingdom of God into two parts.

Culled from the book "WHAT IS SIN?" By Apostle Edmund I. Anyahamiwe