message - Foolishness Of Anger

1. Foolishness produces anger.

2. By quick temper the foolishness of anger is confirmed.

3. The foolishness of anger is the substance of pride.

4. The foolishness of anger leads to suicide.

5. Do not kill yourself because you are not what you expect yourself to be at a time.

6. You have no right to take your life except God.

7. Do not be angry with yourself as some have done to their hurt.

8. You can still become even better than what you think to become if you permit the wisdom of patience to rule your life.

9. Do not let yourself become more important to you than the LORD.

10. Though a side of your personal life makes you sad each time you remember it, does that totally mean that there id no way in which you are better off than some who are still happier with themselves.

11. Why did the former Prime Minister of South Korea commit suicide on the 21st/22nd of May 2009?

12. The suicide letter found in his computer suggested that he could no longer allow his life to go on,because of what he thought about himself.

13. He could save himself from his thoughts,but to kill himself. This is as a result of protecting his pride.

14. Pride is an influence that makes a person see himself as more important than others and at times than the LORD of all the earth.

15. Foolishness fights the war of greedy interest.

16. Do not be one of many that will die through foolishness of anger.

17. The opposite of foolishness is wisdom.

18. Wisdom comes into a man from the beginning of the fear of God in the heart.

19. None of the wicked shall understand,but the wise shall understand,but the wise shall understand.

20. Wisdom produces the good report that makes the bone fat;it means that fool lacks understand.

21. Therefore,foolishness produces wicked results,family,leaders and nations.

22. Continuous lack of understanding is as a result of settled foolishness in the heart.

23. Foolishness takes wicked decision because of self-centerdness.

24. Wickedness looks to the flesh only,but blind to the Spirit.

25. The fool feel wise in his wrong decision.

26. Hardened foolishness may never regret actions,however,the end of foolish decision is regret.

27. Foolishness is known by being very emotional.

28. Wisdom is prudent. Wisdom thinks before leaping.

29. Wisdom has restraint and control.

30. Wisdom produces the patience that eats the fattest bone.

31. Wisdom is not emotional,and does not show off.

32. Wisdom is humble and meek.

33. Wisdom prolongs life in the land of the living.

34. Wisdom is the strength that is renewed as eagle.

35. Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

36. Wisdom keeps the company of righteousness.

37. Wisdom is ever objective on purpose.

38. I have observed the activities of wisdom and found them to be cautious.

39. Nevertheless,the wisdom without the love towards God and man is craftiness.

40. Craft-manship is the wisdom of creativity.

41. Wisdom sustains authority and power.

42. Wisdom emanated from God Almighty,but foolishness began from Satan.

43.The fear,or love towards God is the beginning of wisdom.

44. Wisdom rules over situation dominantly,but foolishness is a loser.

45. Foolishness fights because of losses,but wisdom will patiently recover.

46. Foolishness is never tired of complaining but wisdom is a counselor.

47.The ways of foolishness are perverse,but wisdom sustains life.

48. Wisdom controls speech and listens patiently to words.

49. By wisdom a city without wall is guarded.

50. The response of wisdom restores hopeless situation,but foolishness will inflame with injuries.

51. The words of wisdom heal a discouraged Soul,but foolishness will encourage evil and death.

52. Foolishness is on the offensive,but wisdom is a defender.

53. The heart that lacks wisdom is as a city without wall.