message - Training

1. Everyone gives what he has.

2. Wisdom understands that everyone began his journey of this life from an environment,but foolishness does not consider the beginning.

3. Every environment carries its own capacity of influence,but a fool shall fall unexpectedly.

4. Environmental influence affects the mental absorption of its affiliate.

5. Foolishness has no consideration,but sees everyone as mentally the same.

6. Foolishness may be learned,but wisdom is a teacher.

7. Foolishness is unenlightened,but wisdom informs the mind.

8. Environmental influence makes differences in human behavioral system.

9. Acknowledgment of mental limits projects respect and love.

10. Wisdom helps to attend to people of all classes with concern and regards.

11. Wisdom is a restorer,but foolishness scatters abroad. Pity is a pardon trained by a foolish minded person.

12. A wise master shall impart wisdom to a servant.

13. A foolish descendant may not find wisdom with the wise.

14. By pride is a fool defined,but humility points to wisdom.

15. Who is a fool,but he that lacks control of his mind.

16. Who is the wise,but he that feels love for the offender.

17. A gentle fool may appear to be judged as unwise,but his reaction to critics shall speak for him.

18. The rage of the wise may be judged as unwise,but his reaction to critics shall speak to him.

19. A fool is known by much complaints,but the wise is courageous and calm at stormy gale.

20. The house of the wise is protected with understanding,but the fool betrays his house to strangers.

21. A wise child shall be distant from the foolishness of the parents,but a fool will associate with foolishness.

22. Wisdom builds the home,but foolishness will tear it down.

23. It is a sorrowful co-habitation for the wise and the fool to form a matrimonial Home.

24. Foolishness shall be for a while,but wisdom shall abide forever.

25 .Foolishness is weakness,but wisdom shall strengthen the nation.

26. The way of wisdom is the path of peace,but foolishness shall litter thistles on the way.

27. The wisdom of a man shall feed him,but the foolishness of the fool shall starve him.

28. Foolishness is the poverty of a man,but wisdom is the wealth of the mind.

29. Come to me,says wisdom,and save your life,but foolishness will lead astray.

30. The strength of the wise is his joy,but the collapse of the fool is his furry.

31. The wise begins to store from the morning,but the fool wakes late to responsiblity.

32. The fear of God is the caution of the wise,but the fool is delighted in his pleasure.

33. Anger shortens life,but wisdom shall promote life.

34. The decay of a fool is his anger,but wisdom is the healing of the prudent.