message - Words of Knowledge


. Nothing moves God,the only thing that moves God is God Himself.

. The problems of the children of God are the problems of God.

. With God there is fullness.

. Without Anointing you are not a proper person of God.

. When you are common,you will be attached and controlled by common things.

. That which makes God happy is God's will.

. Good-Friday means that there was a Friday Jesus did something good for humanity.

. Good Friday is not a day of sober mourning reflection but a day of sober rejoicing.

. Any day you miss Church fellowship,something is missing.

. When a man knows the word of God,he is converted to become a proper child of God.

. Don't go after money,rather go after the money Maker(Jesus).

. A message from God will not allow you to commit sin

. There is need for divine rulership; such rulership brings people under divine control.

. Dedication makes one to realize submission.

. Destiny is that which God has ordained for us,what He (God) originally wants us to be.

. Blood is a fighter that is why the blood of Jesus fights demons to the end.

. Every anointing on man has a limit,but the Anointing of Jesus Christ has no limit.

. God is a Tri-Functional God:the Father,Son and the Holy Ghost.

. A child of God is a successful spiritual warrior.

. Poverty is a mentality of "as a man thinks,so he is", what you believe sits on you.

. Anyone that is not coming forward for the Lord,there is something he is hiding.

. When worse comes to the worst,God will still work according to the condition.

. Once sinners repent and surrender to Christ and are now led by the Spirit of God,they have been brought to kingly positions.

. The Kingdom of God carries the Kingdom message and the Kingdom message carries the kingdom wealth.

. If the Spirit of God takes you to the unknown,you shall be known in the unknown.

. It is in the secret,life is formed.

. Where you dwell is where you flourish.

. Whatever way you serve God positions you in eternity.

. The will of God is that we should be transformed from human-being to Spiritual being.