message - Courage Of God

The Lord God has virtually put into mankind all the divine values of God. They comprise of faith, spirit, soul, courage etc. He said to Joshua: "Be of good courage and be strong" (Joshua 1 : 6-8). For He had said to him, that he was going to divide the inheritance to Israel. In the practical analysis of the word "GOOD", Jesus the Lord has made it very clear that no man is good but God only. If  God is the spiritual meaning of GOOD,  God is the spiritual meaning of GOOD, and only Him is the example of good and only Him is the example of good and no one else, then we have every need of having a better understanding of what God means by GOOD.

 “Be of good courage” as He said to Joshua, He simply means "Have my courage." Shortly after that, little did Joshua know that the Lord was with him invisibly; Before Joshua realised it, the LORD manifested His Captain of the host to him. This account is to show how close the LORD could be to His people. Devote yourself today to Him and see your life become a living yoy, You too can experience the manifestation of the Captain of the host today. The LORD is saying to you "have good courage" because He knows the challenges you go through at times as Joshua was going to encounter many strong oppositions which were capable of swaying his faith and courage. In this lecture, we find Psalm 24 vs. 7-8 confirm that the LORD Himself is the STRONG and MIGHTY. He told the devil to open the gates of everlasting doors that the KING of glory might come in. But the devil was so amazed after he thought that he had finished up on the cross, the only One he knew as the KING of glory. He then asked "who is the KING of GLORY?" The response was, "THE LORD STRONG and MIGHTY, THE LORD MIGHTY in battle." 

This is a clear essence that what the Lord did on the cross of Calvary was a very mighty battle against the devil, because of the whole world. He not only defeated the adversary (Satan) on the cross, but also defeated him in the spirit world. He fought this everlasting battle, because of His Church which He loved. Quickly, the New Testament book of Matthew chapter 27:52 & 53 reveals His purpose for challenging the devil in the underground world of spiritual prison. We discovered by the account of Matthew that Satan was also defeated in the spirit world of nether gloom. All the pro-Messianic prophets, priests and saints of all categories were bound in spiritual prison after their mortal death. Jesus Christ the KING OF KINGS resurrected with them out of eternal bondage. The Lord is our strength. If we open up to the Lord, He will fill us with His strength. He then shall be the STRONG ONE in us. By His unlimited strength, He conquered the aggressive adversary for us, and still conquers him on daily basis.

At the name of Jesus every knee must bow. He told Peter on our behalf in the book of Matthew chapter 16 verse 18 saying. "And I say also unto you that you are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  These gates of hell He just mentioned now were those gates He commanded the devil  to open quickly when He visited his prison to finish the remaining business. That is, to do the last and final fight to recover those who died having their hope in Him. When He was about to end His ministry on earth, He made the decree that the gates of hell shall not be able to prevail against it. He knows that the enemy will definitely try again and again to trample the faith of the saints who live on earth. Although he may try as much as possible, he shall never be able to prevail. But why wouldn't he be able to prevail? Yes the Lord knows that what the devil goes for is sin. This is his prevailing weapon. The Lord also knows that the true children of God are those who are devotedly washed in the blood of the Lamb of God which is, in Himself. 1 John 3vs9 says that whosoever is born of God does not commit sin, for the SEED of God dwells in him.

Those who believe in the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ are in His body the Church, which He calls His bride. With this redeeming blood on you, the defeated gates of hell shall never be able to prevail against you. Just as we had been in Joshua regarding the Captain of the host, this was finally confirmed in the book of Hebrews chapter 2 verse 10. In this scripture, He is called the Captain of our Salvation. Now listen very closely: this is just the truth of breakthrough and way to become a prevailer over the powers of the enemy. Release yourself right now to the Lord and confess and forsake your sins you know, or not. Begin to confess Him now as your Lord and Saviour. Join the Church and start reading the bible now: especially the new testament.  

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