Blessed are they that know the joyful sound; says the word of God (Psalm 89:15). The Kingdom Recovery Church of the Church (World Wide) Incorporated invites every individual and families around the world to join us in Christ to thank the Lord, because He has remembered you to shine in the light of your destiny. Open up your heart and fully let in the true Spirit (Jesus Christ) into your being and be transformed by the Holy Ghost and become a saint of the Lord.

The Kingdom Recovery Church, is divinely instructed to take The Church into the International regions of the earth, for the good news of the Kingdom values. The Kingdom Church has been that dream you have been wishing God to get you right into the true way. We that have found it are so grateful to God, for the last days of this earth are what you are already seeing. All the political turmoil, wars, and devastating natural disasters must take place before the final end comes, but no one knows the day.  Definitely, signs of the end are truly manifesting as the Lord has said. Note and be aware also that nothing shall fail of anything the Lord has said in His word. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His word shall abide forever. The only safest thing to do is to genuinely turn to the Lord with your whole heart and totally surrender to Him.  The benefits of the Kingdom will begin and continue to shower upon you, your family and all that you do. Be advised that you must first of all seek to get connected to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, forgiveness and cleansing of every sin you had committed; and every other thing shall be added to you as inheritance/heritage. Come and seek to become a full part of the Kingdom Church.

The benefit in the Kingdom church is the whole truth of God in Christ that will totally set you free from Satan, demons, diseases, sicknesses and every power of darkness. There is no evil spirit Jesus cannot cast out permanently, there is no disease Jesus cannot cure permanently, there is no sickness Jesus cannot heal permanently. In every generation, the Lord raises up particular persons and also a Spirit-let umpire to project the revelation of the gospel on earth. It is widely accepted that the Kingdom Church is set up by the Lord for general supernatural Recovery for you at this age. Please take a bold step to register and join now and prove the Lord today.

You have nothing to lose and nothing to fear or regret. Jesus is Lord; even in the grave, death could not hold Him captive. Please note that the political stories about Nigeria are entirely different and distant issues from the holy nation of God on earth. The Kingdom Church is a holy nation of God with its International global Headquarters in Lagos Nigeria. This Church came from heaven to Jerusalem and it is spreading and preparing for the return of Christ the Messiah. Please get connected to the Kingdom purpose today.



Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent by His Father into the world, for the mission of gathering the children of God who are scattered abroad.


JOHN 11 vs 52
                "And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.


Abroad means outside, that is, streets and lanes. A high percentage of the called-out servants and people of God are probably on the way side. They call salvation "a personal thing". They mind so much of themselves and their ministries. No, this cannot continue if we must be gathered into one Body.


We say "no" once again, that salvation is not personal. Salvation is rather sacrificial. The apostles of Jesus Christ sacrificed their lives to bring us the gospel of Christ in one Body. Besides several tortures and constant imprisonments, they suffered to project the gospel of one Body. At this time, they ended up giving their lives as martyrs for Christ and for our sakes.

If salvation was personal as competitively practised today, they would have loved their lives and preserved them. The servants and people of God are scattered outside, or abroad, and it shall take only the challenge of the violence of faith, as Jesus veterans, to compel them to the inside from the outside.

Jesus says that whosoever shall keep or save his life shall loose it (matt. 16:24-25). All who know themselves to be the genuine servants of God should boldly take their position in the word of God as valiant soldiers of Christ. The Lord has already commanded us saying, "...compel them to come in".
St Luke ch. 14 vs 16-24.


There is a promised great supper awaiting in the Body of Christ for them that shall strive to enter.
Who are they? is the question...It could be you.


Luke 13:24
             "strive to enter in at the strait - difficult - narrow - disrespectful-gate: for many, I say to you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.


If we seek we shall find. If we knock it shall be opened. This great feast or supper is the joy and the love of oneness in the healthy Body of Christ. This is the feast of the unleavened bread, which is not carnal or physical, but spiritual. The unleavened bread of the New Testament is the glorious Body of Christ not baked by man's hand, but God. many who have not the spiritual eyes to see it find it hard to come in. That is why He used the word "strait". He confirmed that many shall seek to enter, but shall definitely not be able.


He says, "I am the door, by me if any man enters in, he shall be saved..." (John 10:9). "If any body enters into me" He said. Himself is His body just as we wear our human bodies about. He also said, "... no man can come to my father except by me" (John 14:6).
The conference of the saints fellowship of God, is to point all to Christ, who is the Head of His Body. It is the body of the "fellowship of mystery" which Apostle Paul was ordained to make all men see by revelation (Eph. 3:9). Unto us is given to know the mystries of the Kingdom of heaven (Matt. 13 vs 11).


Outward ecumenism remains bound with blindness towards the divine unleavened bread. Those that will worship the Father is seeking for such to worship Him. As we seek Him, He also seeks to find the true spiritual worship in us. The Bread of today's unleavened feast is the immortal Body of Christ. Though we eat man-made, baked bread as the body of Christ, but for these tens of centuries, it has never gathered us together in the same one purpose of the divine Body of Christ Jesus.

It is a spiritual food. We eat this food by belief from our hearts. It is a spiritual agreement between our spirits and the Spirit of God. He feeds our spirits to the full through the gospel of immortality. Being full, we outgrow our ignorance.



 It has always been an overwhelming question to so many people to analyse what SIN is. There should have been no more faults and failure from mankind, if whole understanding was in place. 

Let's look on diagnose into brief analysis of sin according to the illustration below:
1. S - for - Satan
2. I  - for - Incarnate - ing
3. N - for - Nature
4.      =     SIN

The whole troubles of this life stands upon the frame of Sin. By Sin came every sickness, disease, poverty, madness, accidents, fears, failures, deaths, sufferings, enmity, hatred, wars, stealing, murders, kidnapping, idolatry, rituals, confusion, divisions, envy, jealousy, fighting, pride, arrogance, offences, sorrows, reproaches, mockery, jesting, imprisonment, accusation, bribery, crimes, back-biting and many more.

God had made a great provision for man to enjoy an uncommon privilege of total peace on earth if not for damages caused by Sin. Now Christ has been dispatched from God as a gift parcel to restore you from the powers of darkness to God. 

Sin is a reproach to any people. Sin is a killer, Sin is Satan's nature, Sin is corruption to our spirit, soul and body. Sin defiles the innocent heart. Sin is the boldness of Satan.

The wages Sin pays is separation from God forever "which is the second death; that is "death after death". 
The best knowledge of man explains or describes Sin as an act of breaking a divine or moral law: especially if it is wilful or deliberate: and at times a serious offence committed by ignorance. Sin therefore, is disobedience!

It is Sin that divided the celestial Kingdom of God into two parts.

Culled from the book "WHAT IS SIN?" By Apostle Edmund I. Anyahamiwe

1. Foolishness produces anger.

2. By quick temper the foolishness of anger is confirmed.

3. The foolishness of anger is the substance of pride.

4. The foolishness of anger leads to suicide.

5. Do not kill yourself because you are not what you expect yourself to be at a time.

6. You have no right to take your life except God.

7. Do not be angry with yourself as some have done to their hurt.

8. You can still become even better than what you think to become if you permit the wisdom of patience to rule your life.

9. Do not let yourself become more important to you than the LORD.

10. Though a side of your personal life makes you sad each time you remember it, does that totally mean that there id no way in which you are better off than some who are still happier with themselves.

11. Why did the former Prime Minister of South Korea commit suicide on the 21st/22nd of May 2009?

12. The suicide letter found in his computer suggested that he could no longer allow his life to go on,because of what he thought about himself.

13. He could save himself from his thoughts,but to kill himself. This is as a result of protecting his pride.

14. Pride is an influence that makes a person see himself as more important than others and at times than the LORD of all the earth.

15. Foolishness fights the war of greedy interest.

16. Do not be one of many that will die through foolishness of anger.

17. The opposite of foolishness is wisdom.

18. Wisdom comes into a man from the beginning of the fear of God in the heart.

19. None of the wicked shall understand,but the wise shall understand,but the wise shall understand.

20. Wisdom produces the good report that makes the bone fat;it means that fool lacks understand.

21. Therefore,foolishness produces wicked results,family,leaders and nations.

22. Continuous lack of understanding is as a result of settled foolishness in the heart.

23. Foolishness takes wicked decision because of self-centerdness.

24. Wickedness looks to the flesh only,but blind to the Spirit.

25. The fool feel wise in his wrong decision.

26. Hardened foolishness may never regret actions,however,the end of foolish decision is regret.

27. Foolishness is known by being very emotional.

28. Wisdom is prudent. Wisdom thinks before leaping.

29. Wisdom has restraint and control.

30. Wisdom produces the patience that eats the fattest bone.

31. Wisdom is not emotional,and does not show off.

32. Wisdom is humble and meek.

33. Wisdom prolongs life in the land of the living.

34. Wisdom is the strength that is renewed as eagle.

35. Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

36. Wisdom keeps the company of righteousness.

37. Wisdom is ever objective on purpose.

38. I have observed the activities of wisdom and found them to be cautious.

39. Nevertheless,the wisdom without the love towards God and man is craftiness.

40. Craft-manship is the wisdom of creativity.

41. Wisdom sustains authority and power.

42. Wisdom emanated from God Almighty,but foolishness began from Satan.

43.The fear,or love towards God is the beginning of wisdom.

44. Wisdom rules over situation dominantly,but foolishness is a loser.

45. Foolishness fights because of losses,but wisdom will patiently recover.

46. Foolishness is never tired of complaining but wisdom is a counselor.

47.The ways of foolishness are perverse,but wisdom sustains life.

48. Wisdom controls speech and listens patiently to words.

49. By wisdom a city without wall is guarded.

50. The response of wisdom restores hopeless situation,but foolishness will inflame with injuries.

51. The words of wisdom heal a discouraged Soul,but foolishness will encourage evil and death.

52. Foolishness is on the offensive,but wisdom is a defender.

53. The heart that lacks wisdom is as a city without wall.

1. Everyone gives what he has.

2. Wisdom understands that everyone began his journey of this life from an environment,but foolishness does not consider the beginning.

3. Every environment carries its own capacity of influence,but a fool shall fall unexpectedly.

4. Environmental influence affects the mental absorption of its affiliate.

5. Foolishness has no consideration,but sees everyone as mentally the same.

6. Foolishness may be learned,but wisdom is a teacher.

7. Foolishness is unenlightened,but wisdom informs the mind.

8. Environmental influence makes differences in human behavioral system.

9. Acknowledgment of mental limits projects respect and love.

10. Wisdom helps to attend to people of all classes with concern and regards.

11. Wisdom is a restorer,but foolishness scatters abroad. Pity is a pardon trained by a foolish minded person.

12. A wise master shall impart wisdom to a servant.

13. A foolish descendant may not find wisdom with the wise.

14. By pride is a fool defined,but humility points to wisdom.

15. Who is a fool,but he that lacks control of his mind.

16. Who is the wise,but he that feels love for the offender.

17. A gentle fool may appear to be judged as unwise,but his reaction to critics shall speak for him.

18. The rage of the wise may be judged as unwise,but his reaction to critics shall speak to him.

19. A fool is known by much complaints,but the wise is courageous and calm at stormy gale.

20. The house of the wise is protected with understanding,but the fool betrays his house to strangers.

21. A wise child shall be distant from the foolishness of the parents,but a fool will associate with foolishness.

22. Wisdom builds the home,but foolishness will tear it down.

23. It is a sorrowful co-habitation for the wise and the fool to form a matrimonial Home.

24. Foolishness shall be for a while,but wisdom shall abide forever.

25 .Foolishness is weakness,but wisdom shall strengthen the nation.

26. The way of wisdom is the path of peace,but foolishness shall litter thistles on the way.

27. The wisdom of a man shall feed him,but the foolishness of the fool shall starve him.

28. Foolishness is the poverty of a man,but wisdom is the wealth of the mind.

29. Come to me,says wisdom,and save your life,but foolishness will lead astray.

30. The strength of the wise is his joy,but the collapse of the fool is his furry.

31. The wise begins to store from the morning,but the fool wakes late to responsiblity.

32. The fear of God is the caution of the wise,but the fool is delighted in his pleasure.

33. Anger shortens life,but wisdom shall promote life.

34. The decay of a fool is his anger,but wisdom is the healing of the prudent.


. Nothing moves God,the only thing that moves God is God Himself.

. The problems of the children of God are the problems of God.

. With God there is fullness.

. Without Anointing you are not a proper person of God.

. When you are common,you will be attached and controlled by common things.

. That which makes God happy is God's will.

. Good-Friday means that there was a Friday Jesus did something good for humanity.

. Good Friday is not a day of sober mourning reflection but a day of sober rejoicing.

. Any day you miss Church fellowship,something is missing.

. When a man knows the word of God,he is converted to become a proper child of God.

. Don't go after money,rather go after the money Maker(Jesus).

. A message from God will not allow you to commit sin

. There is need for divine rulership; such rulership brings people under divine control.

. Dedication makes one to realize submission.

. Destiny is that which God has ordained for us,what He (God) originally wants us to be.

. Blood is a fighter that is why the blood of Jesus fights demons to the end.

. Every anointing on man has a limit,but the Anointing of Jesus Christ has no limit.

. God is a Tri-Functional God:the Father,Son and the Holy Ghost.

. A child of God is a successful spiritual warrior.

. Poverty is a mentality of "as a man thinks,so he is", what you believe sits on you.

. Anyone that is not coming forward for the Lord,there is something he is hiding.

. When worse comes to the worst,God will still work according to the condition.

. Once sinners repent and surrender to Christ and are now led by the Spirit of God,they have been brought to kingly positions.

. The Kingdom of God carries the Kingdom message and the Kingdom message carries the kingdom wealth.

. If the Spirit of God takes you to the unknown,you shall be known in the unknown.

. It is in the secret,life is formed.

. Where you dwell is where you flourish.

. Whatever way you serve God positions you in eternity.

. The will of God is that we should be transformed from human-being to Spiritual being.




The Good Samaritan : Luke 10:37


The Lord discussed the validity of friendship in one of His stories according to Luke 10 : 30 – 37. He aligned friendship to neighbourhood. The one He approved as the neighbor in that story victim, was the friendly passer-by who ended up helping him to survive.


 The Lord Jesus has always been the friend of all penitent and repentant persons except the hypocritical Pharisees of the past and present. He informed the disciples of that secret which will bring them into friendship with Him. He said,


John 15 vss 14 – 15


Vs 14 You are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command.


Vs 15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant does not know what his master does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made them known to you.


Vs 13 Greater love has no man than this that a man should lay down his life for his friends.




Greater percentage of people are brothers and sisters, but are not friendly in relationship. So many are husbands and wives living together in same apartment, but they are not friendly. So many are employers and employees working and feeding from the same establishment, but they are not friendly to each other. This is a very common experience of this life. Unfortunately, this virus affects without distinction of who and who are believers in Christ, which means that, it is a general epidemic. A person seeks to deceive, cheat, or lie to the other, because they are not true friends indeed; though they say “I love you”.




Friendship is a deep love flowing from the heart affectionately between two persons. This love flows from like-minded interest by mutual agreement from their spirit without written bond. This is the type of friendship the Lord ordained for us in Christ.


  • Friendship does not hurt
  • Friendship does not hate
  • Friendship keeps together
  • Friendship understands feelings
  • Friendship is selfless love
  • Friendship cares.


Proverbs 22 vss 24 – 25


Vs 24 Do not make friendship with an angry man; and you should not go into relationship with a furious man.


Vs 25 Lest you end up learning his ways and get a snare to your soul.


James 4 Vs 4


“You adulterers and adulteresses, do you not know that friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of he world is the enemy of God”




It is difficult to find a true friend of the same heart indeed. God can bring friends together. One time the lord CALLED David a man after His heart. It was not, because David was another perfect God (1 Sam. 16 vs 1: 13 vs 14). The book of 2 Chron. 20:7 calls Abraham the friend of God forever and confirmed by James 2:23.


As Jesus said in John 15 vs 14, there was something Abraham shared in common with God and became His friend for ever. It was all reciprocal. Abraham submitted his life willingly to God in everything, and God reciprocated.


This common thing we should share with Jesus in order to become His friends, by keeping to His commandments. Before God, Christ is the mediation we share with Him (1 Tim. 2 vs 5). Christ is the peaceful access boundary to God.


Proverbs 17 vs 17


A friend loves at all time, and a brother is born for adversity.


Proverbs 18 vs 19


A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city; and their contentions are like bars of a castle.


Christ is better than the good Samaritan. He taught friendship, because He knows what it is. He is the Lord. All the healings of Christ are coming out of His friendly heart. If we all become His friends, we shall all equally enjoy His healings and blessings. Be sure to receive your permanent miracles from Christ if only you can realize that he loves you with a friendly heart. He says “where I am, there you may be also.” As a friend, He will stay with you forever.


Finally, Keep swimming in his blessedness. Amen.




I confess to God that I am a sinner, and believing that the Lord Jesus Christ died for my sin on the cross, and was raised for my justification. I do now receive and confess Him as my Lord and Saviour. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Lord God has virtually put into mankind all the divine values of God. They comprise of faith, spirit, soul, courage etc. He said to Joshua: "Be of good courage and be strong" (Joshua 1 : 6-8). For He had said to him, that he was going to divide the inheritance to Israel. In the practical analysis of the word "GOOD", Jesus the Lord has made it very clear that no man is good but God only. If  God is the spiritual meaning of GOOD,  God is the spiritual meaning of GOOD, and only Him is the example of good and only Him is the example of good and no one else, then we have every need of having a better understanding of what God means by GOOD.

 “Be of good courage” as He said to Joshua, He simply means "Have my courage." Shortly after that, little did Joshua know that the Lord was with him invisibly; Before Joshua realised it, the LORD manifested His Captain of the host to him. This account is to show how close the LORD could be to His people. Devote yourself today to Him and see your life become a living yoy, You too can experience the manifestation of the Captain of the host today. The LORD is saying to you "have good courage" because He knows the challenges you go through at times as Joshua was going to encounter many strong oppositions which were capable of swaying his faith and courage. In this lecture, we find Psalm 24 vs. 7-8 confirm that the LORD Himself is the STRONG and MIGHTY. He told the devil to open the gates of everlasting doors that the KING of glory might come in. But the devil was so amazed after he thought that he had finished up on the cross, the only One he knew as the KING of glory. He then asked "who is the KING of GLORY?" The response was, "THE LORD STRONG and MIGHTY, THE LORD MIGHTY in battle." 

This is a clear essence that what the Lord did on the cross of Calvary was a very mighty battle against the devil, because of the whole world. He not only defeated the adversary (Satan) on the cross, but also defeated him in the spirit world. He fought this everlasting battle, because of His Church which He loved. Quickly, the New Testament book of Matthew chapter 27:52 & 53 reveals His purpose for challenging the devil in the underground world of spiritual prison. We discovered by the account of Matthew that Satan was also defeated in the spirit world of nether gloom. All the pro-Messianic prophets, priests and saints of all categories were bound in spiritual prison after their mortal death. Jesus Christ the KING OF KINGS resurrected with them out of eternal bondage. The Lord is our strength. If we open up to the Lord, He will fill us with His strength. He then shall be the STRONG ONE in us. By His unlimited strength, He conquered the aggressive adversary for us, and still conquers him on daily basis.

At the name of Jesus every knee must bow. He told Peter on our behalf in the book of Matthew chapter 16 verse 18 saying. "And I say also unto you that you are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  These gates of hell He just mentioned now were those gates He commanded the devil  to open quickly when He visited his prison to finish the remaining business. That is, to do the last and final fight to recover those who died having their hope in Him. When He was about to end His ministry on earth, He made the decree that the gates of hell shall not be able to prevail against it. He knows that the enemy will definitely try again and again to trample the faith of the saints who live on earth. Although he may try as much as possible, he shall never be able to prevail. But why wouldn't he be able to prevail? Yes the Lord knows that what the devil goes for is sin. This is his prevailing weapon. The Lord also knows that the true children of God are those who are devotedly washed in the blood of the Lamb of God which is, in Himself. 1 John 3vs9 says that whosoever is born of God does not commit sin, for the SEED of God dwells in him.

Those who believe in the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ are in His body the Church, which He calls His bride. With this redeeming blood on you, the defeated gates of hell shall never be able to prevail against you. Just as we had been in Joshua regarding the Captain of the host, this was finally confirmed in the book of Hebrews chapter 2 verse 10. In this scripture, He is called the Captain of our Salvation. Now listen very closely: this is just the truth of breakthrough and way to become a prevailer over the powers of the enemy. Release yourself right now to the Lord and confess and forsake your sins you know, or not. Begin to confess Him now as your Lord and Saviour. Join the Church and start reading the bible now: especially the new testament.  

You can write us for more counsel on how to grow successfully in the spirit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . May the Lord be with you.