Recent Events - Light Illumination Youth Conference

On the 21st of June was a day set aside for the youths of the church and invited guest for a called LIGHT ILLUMINATION YOUTH CONFERENCE (I.Y.C). The light released from God was illuminated into the spirit of the youths and it provoked the minds of every youth to discover the good purpose of God in them which are in His good thoughts concerning them: And to navigate their way to the path of Recovery. The power of God moved in every nook and cranny of the arena and lives were changed, chains were broken, even the invitees were not left out of the conference as they went home with joy in their hearts and blessings for their lives.
We urge you to be a part of the next youth conference and your life will never remain the same again. The Kingdom Gospel is available in the Kingdom Church to keep you connected till you are fully Recovered in Jesus Recovery Name (AMEN).

Photos from the event: