Life in this world in the operations of Satan, sins, sicknesses, sorrows and death is full of challenges. As long as you are born into it, you just have to face them. If the youths of nowadays don't face challenges; spiritually, physically, mentally, morally and possibly materially; they cannot STAND OUT of the crowd.

A baby in the womb faced the challenges of being in the mother's womb for (9) months. The mother also goes through the critical period until the baby is delivered for the proclamation of relief and joy, for the child to feed professionally, learn how to sit, crawl, stand, walk and talk as other children; it portends challenges for both the mother and baby to STAND OUT. 

Even growth from Adolescence to Adulthood (youth or a full blown man) requires certain disciplinary actions to be headed out among the myriads of people. Some of these under listed areas may be needed and planted in today's youths;

1.  Give proper place for Jesus to enthrone your heart as he knocks to dwell in you (Rev. 3:20). He dethrones immorality in your in your heart and actions. He will then shine in you to shine out from you and stand you out amongst humanity; for He is the light of the world; you become unique by Him.

2.  Academically, as you burn the midnight oil, you excel under His light and guide. You are focused, not lazy but stand in His Excellency as per the excellent spirit in Daniel. Yes, you can be the best among your colleagues (Dan. 6:3).

3. Generally, hard work pays. Be as the busy bees for honey to flow from you. Be as Ants (though so little) very hardworking and meticulous who build their ant-hills and plant in the summer and gather her harvest for winter. (Prov. 6:4-11).

In summary, I challenge you to STAND OUT from DARKNESS to LIGHT; I challenge you to STAND OUT from defeat to CONSTANT VICTORY, I challenge you to STAND OUT from POLLUTION to UPRIGHT STAND with God; I challenge you to STAND OUT from worst of all youths to THE BEST OF ALL YOUTHS. 

Yes, Stand Up, Stand Out in faith and overcome the world (John 5:4). God be in your Spirit, Amen.